Periskop Immerse CD triple LP vinyl

Periskop – Immerse

Deep pulsating dark ambient released July 2015 on Kabalion Records, which is an off shot of Hypnus Records. Immerse is out as 3xLP vinyl, continuous mix CD or digital and is distributed by Triple Vision.

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Periskop Immerse Sinking Ship

Periskop 40 LP and USB released on Uhrlaut Records 2013

Periskop – 40

Features solo music work of Danny Kreutzfeldt from 1999-2012, and is the longest release in the history of Danish music. Released May 25th 2013 by Uhrlaut Records and on a special gatefold vinyl+USB format.

Contains forty full-length albums. 1 album on vinyl LP and 39 albums as bonus material on USB.

All forty albums are also available for streaming and as free 3.1 GB mp3 download.

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Periskop is music project by Danny Kreutzfeldt

Periskop is industrial dub techno, dark ambient and submarine noise.
It is a solo music project operated by Danish electronic music producer Danny Kreutzfeldt.

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