DJ at a Tekknosumpen warehouse rave

On September 29th Periskop made a public appearance as a DJ. A vinyl-only set was performed as part of the Tekknosumpen DJ-crew at a harbor-side rave in Aalborg, Denmark.

Periskop, Danny Kreutzfeldt, DJ

The rave took place in the old harbor-side warehouse, which had been housing the open culture initiative Platform4. The old factories and warehouses at Aalborg Harbor are currently being demolished because of city re-planning. The rave was organized by Platform4 to commemorate the old warehouse before moving to a new location.

Aalborg havn, harbour

With more than 400 ravers attending, no police raid and all 7 DJs performing up to form, it’s safe to call the night a succes. The following DJs performed at the warehouse rave: Bo V, Curse, Deadbone, Jens M., Nate Dawg, Periskop & Vilde V, as well as VJ Motorsaw.

Tekknosumpen is a long-running Aalborg-based DJ-crew with origins back in the early 90s Danish rave scene. The style has always been detroit techno, acid and hard minimal techno played on turntables, with time for an ambient and dub techno warm-up – and plenty of beer. My affiliation with Tekknosumpen goes back to my first ever live appearance on 1000Fryd in 2002 as “Danny Kreutzfeldt”.

Thanks to BrknRib for the deck-side photo above.

More info, photos and videos from the rave in this Platform4 article.

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    1. xowirun, yes things got pretty rowdy near the end. Thanks but I’m not into playing my own stuff at the moment. Those Iktus tracks should still be available from the Stadtgruen site, if you can persuade someone else to play them.

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