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Album update 4: Mastering by ET Mastering

ET Mastering, Emil Thomsen

The forthcoming Periskop LP has been skillfully mastered by Emil Thomsen of ET Mastering.

I chose to work with Emil because of his experience with making electronic music sound intense, tactile and organic. Three characteristics of the original sound material I sought to enhance in the final physical and digital release.

Gyraf Audio compressor eq

This was a accomplished by Emil using a well-considered combination of software tools working alongside heaps of analogue mastering machines – including a prototype Gyraf Audio G21 Magneto-dynamic Infundibulum he is currently helping develop. As he explains: I don’t have a particularly romantic view of “The Analogue”. All the tools I use are chosen because they are the most musical processors I could find for the given task.

Emil Thomsen, analogue digital mastering

Contrasting this – I brought my old Mitac laptop, which is the only device with access to the individual sound layers of 95% of all music I’ve made over the years. This laptop is a surprisingly durable piece of consumer electronics. It was purchased in 2002 and has since been my main device in the studio, on stage and on tour. It is optimized to run Fruity Loops v. 3.56 with an irreplaceable collection of plugins on a beta version of Windows 2000 Professional and has never been connected to the internet.

Danny Kreutzfeldt, Periskop

Windows 2000 Professional

The mastering of the Periskop LP was done over two sessions in the ET Mastering studio at Aarhus harbour. It turned out just as it should and I have no quarrels recommending ET Mastering to anyone with ambitions in contemporary electronic music.

Aarhus Harbor, Restaurant Kohalen

Emil Thomsen ET Mastering engineer

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