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Album update 5: Website

As pre-announced on Facebook and Twitter, the previous version of the Periskop website has been dismantled and all 920:25 mins worth of music files taken offline. This has been done because a completely new website and music file structure is needed to accommodate the release of the forthcoming Periskop album. There will be an announcement about the concept and specific content of the album soon.

Periskop is a music project developed inextricably with the web. Not only has the Periskop website been continually adapted and revised to proliferate the increasing amount of music files and information, but the music itself has also been made to be proliferated in a specific manner on the website.

From the very first version onward, the Periskop website has been a single b/w HTML page presenting all the music files and information relevant to the project. Here is the history of the Periskop website, which correspondingly is also a history of the Periskop music project.

Version 0 on 25th of April 2007.
ENLARGE – – May 1st, 2007

This very basic site was only used for about a month. It embodied the same minimal, nihilistic and uncomplicated approach as used in the production of the tracks it proliferated.

Version 1 on 11th of July 2007.
ENLARGE – – July 11th, 2007

The first version tried to anticipate the amount of music files in vain. To balance the structure of the page a peculiar pre-Twitter micro blog was introduced in the right column, acting as timeline for the Periskop project. The video in the middle was the looping slideshow used at the conceptual laptop gigs, which were performed as Periskop from April 2007 to August 2008. on 3rd of September 2008.
ENLARGE – – September 3rd, 2008

The final edition of the first version. With the addition of the “15” release and links to media coverage as well as early social networking profiles, the amount of music files and information had grown beyond the limits of the structure.

Version 2 on 26th of March 2009.
ENLARGE – – March 26th, 2009

After registering the .cc domain in late 2008, this grid-based site was the new home for Periskop until mid-2010. It was a pretty user-unfriendly vertical/horizontal scrolling site, which allowed the introduction of some new elements: Releases made by new sets of codes. Articulation of the rules on which the music was made. Artwork for the ongoing releases.

Version 3 on 16th of January 2013.
ENLARGE – – January 16th, 2013

This is the final fully fledged single b/w HTML page, as it had been looking since mid-2010 with only minor changes. It took a user-friendly approach with a more narrative lay out of elements in a long vertical scroll, that allowed more modules and more space for presenting each module.

Version 4?

The next version will not be a single page HTML website. It will, however, remain b/w and should be fully operational along with the release of the forthcoming Periskop album.

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