First year: +17K album dls +25K track plays

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It is now one year since Periskop – 40 was released as a vinyl LP+USB and as free mp3 download on Uhrlaut Records and

It contains forty full-length albums in various electronic music styles and genres including industrial dub techno and submarine noise, and is the longest release in the history of Danish music.

To mark the release on May 25th 2013 we did a short Danish tour, which has been documented here. However, to mark it’s first year in the public domain I present some statistics on the release.

Free mp3 downloads

From the release date all forty albums has been available as a free 3.1 GB mp3 downloadable zip file containing all 288 tracks along with artwork files. Both on, as well as where ever the download link has been shared by me and others. A few weeks after the release date it was also possible to download each album individually as smaller free mp3 zip files.

The Amazon cloud hosting service has been used for it’s reliability and bandwidth. Not for it’s low cost. From there a total of 1.33 TB worth of Periskop album zips have been downloaded. To be exact 1397241 MB. With an average album size of the forty albums of 78.48 MB that equals

17804 albums downloaded, which is 577 days (more than 1½ year) worth of music playtime.

If you still have not downloaded the free 3.1 GB 288 track mp3 zip, you can do so here.

SoundCloud plays

The main streaming platform for the release has been SoundCloud with an unlimited upload plan. SoundCloud players are embedded throughout the Periskop website as well as where ever visitors, bloggers and media choose to share them. As of today there are just above 25.000 plays on the SoundCloud profile.


However, I have also used this profile for a few other non-Periskop projects including some old DJ mixes and some teasers for my drone doom metal netlabel. These account for a couple of thousand plays, which should be subtracted from the profile total of +25.000.

Official video uploads

Two official Periskop music videos has been put online. Both of them for tracks on the LP album. Together they have been watched 2662 times so far.

Periskop music video by Sune Petersen Motorsaw 1 A. V with Emil Brahe

The first one is a conceptual piece of synthetic video art by Motorsaw/Sune P for 1. A V (with Emil Brahe). It has been up on Vimeo since February 2013 and has so far been watched 1622 times and ‘loved’ by Vimeo users 74 times. Read more about the video here.

Periskop Tarfilm music video 1 A. I

The second one is a dramatic visceral video made from many hours of archival submarine footage by Tarfilm. It has been out on YouTube since June 2013 and has been watched 1040 times. Read more about the video here.

In the coming year I will probably be looking into releasing more official music videos.

YouTube uploads by others

An interesting phenomenon in present online music culture is the continuous work by more or less anonymous YouTubers, who are adding music they like as single image music videos to YouTube. This has made YouTube into the most comprehensive music streaming service for independent and underground music today.

I have been humbled to see almost all 288 tracks on the forty albums have been added to YouTube in these unofficial YouTube clips. I have not made a complete overview of the watch count of these, but while some only have a handful of views at the time of writing others already have more than a couple of hundred views. Like this one:

It will be interesting to see if YouTube can keep it’s status as the preferred streaming platform for many, and if these independent YouTube uploads over time will turn into the most significant source of proliferation for the Periskop music work.

Other streaming platforms

The Periskop LP album (the first of the forty albums) has from the release date been available on all the major streaming platforms. Spotify, Wimp, iTunes etc etc. It has also been made available on other social music sites such as and Bandcamp.

This has not nearly generated as many plays as YouTube or SoundCloud but some effort will be put into adding the remaining 39 albums to these platforms in the future.

There has also been some radio airplay as well as numerous DJ mix and podcast appearances of Periskop material, which is impossible to add up into one meaningful track play count. More about this on the blog at a later time.

Physical edition sales

Sales and shipping of the physical edition vinyl LP+USB are handled by the record label Uhrlaut Records, which have reserved the main stock for visitors on the Periskop and Uhrlaut websites, who are interested in a physical edition of the music otherwise freely available on the sites. As expected the physical edition of the release is not yet sold out, but sales are steady.

Periskop 40 vinyl and usb gatefold overview.

Find more information about the custom gatefold vinyl LP+USB edition here or buy it now for 18 € on the Uhrlaut webshop.

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