Thrust: Forthcoming Periskop EP on Kabalion Records

Periskop Thrust Vinyl labels kabalion Records

Last month North was released on Kabalion Records.

Thrust will be another four track EP on Kabalion Records. It features dark pounding and heavily textured techno and will be out soon on vinyl and digital.

The tracks were originally produced in consecutive studio sessions 10 years ago in Fall 2006 with each track being a rework of the previous one. They share the same tempo of 140 beats per minute and utilize a short baseline loop sampled with static from an old record.

All four tracks have been revisited for this release and minor adjustments were made to production and/or composition compared to the 2006 originals. Thrust is mastered for vinyl and digital consumption by Mattias Fridell.

The vinyl is pressed for 45 RPM playback, but may also be enjoyable at 33 RPM. Two of the four tracks have been made available for listening prior to the release.

The expected release date is October 1st and Thrust is up for pre-order directly from Kabalion Records and various vinyl outlets like decks, and LoFi.

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