Periskop tracks on the Bifrost compilation by Iboga Records

Periskop Bifrost Compilation on Iboga Records

Earlier this month, two Periskop tracks were released on a digital compilation called Bifrost by Danish electronic music imprint Iboga Records. Iboga was started in the late 90s as a psytrance label, and has since grown to be one of the largest on that scene. While there is generally a tendency towards orthodoxy within the psytrance movement, Iboga has always had a somewhat open approach to what else was going on.

The aim of the Bifrost-compilation is said to display “varieties of the downtempo genre”. It was compiled by the Danish solo act Erot, who predominantly selected other Danes. I guess this explains the Norse mythology theme.

The first Periskop track is also the opener on the compilation. Horizon is a deep dubby track with some industrialized elements. I also made a vocoder sing “mad world”. It is a revised version of one of my older solo productions, which was originally picked for a never-finished solo release on Ultimae Records in the late 00’s. The track was included in an earlier form on the Periskop – 40 multi-album release as Periskop – 3. II.

As the concept of the compilation was based on the selected acts remixing each other, Erot did a remix of Horizon, and I remixed a track by him:

Listen to the compilation on YouTube or find it on platforms like Beatport or the legendary Psyshop.

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