The forty-album release ’40’ turns 4 today

Periskop 40 LP and USB released on Uhlarut Records 2013

Today it is four years since the Periskop – 40 multi-album release was made available online and on a custom gatefold LP+USB format. It featured forty albums of my solo music work in techno, ambient, noise and related electronic music styles. It is still the longest release in the history of Danish music and a total 32 hrs 20 mins 04 secs of music was recompiled, reworked and remastered out of a larger bulk of previously released and unreleased material. A process that started in early 2012 and occupied most of my creative nights until release in May 2013. A lot has been said about this release already, and I also made a status in May 2014 covering it’s initial reception, which actually went alright.

Assembly in the Uhrlaut Records HQ May 2013

Looking back on 40 from four years into the future, it is clear, that the concept of the release was probably not well suited for the reality, we were heading into: The continued death of the mp3 file has made the “free download” option of 40 largely irrelevant. Upon release back in 2013, this seemed like bigger news to some than the scale of the release. Secondly, it seems more natural today to follow many artists in a continuous stream of news rather than to absorb a lot of material from a few. Since the undertaking was such a huge effort, both the label and I had postponed a lot of other important matters. So we only got to the domestic Danish tour, promotion campaign and distribution deals, and instead relied on the still burgeoning social media to have people tell their international friends about the release. This did not happen in any big scale, and why would it, when I had not invested a lot of time in the various social media myself at the time of the release.

And yet, I still monthly hear from individuals, who have delved into the 288 mp3 files of 40. Recently, Richard from Belgium, who is Elect’Ric Soundscapes on YouTube. He has compiled the release into forty professional full-album YouTube-clips. I am grateful for the effort.

Find the forty clips in this playlist or embedded here:

Immerse out now

Periskop immerse front submarine

Immerse is the new Periskop full-length out now as 3xLP, continuous mix CD and digital. It has been released by Kabalion Records, which is an off shot of Hypnus Records and located in Sweden. The vinyl and CD versions are distributed world wide by Triple Vision.

The release contains deep pulsating dark ambient conceived and produced by the Danish electronic music producer Periskop between 2000-2008. The material for Immerse has been selected by Hypnus/Kabalion, mastered by Mattias Fridell and subsequently adapted and rearranged by Periskop to fit the various formats.

Stream Immerse and read the full info here.

Periskop Immerse triple LP

Immerse preorder started. Another track leaked.

Periskop Immerse LP sleeve artwork

Immerse is the forthcoming Periskop full-length on Kabalion Records. It will be released on 3xLP, continuously mixed CD and digitally. Estimated release date is June 19th. All three formats are now available for preorder.

Another track has been leaked for streaming. (Find the first one here)

Preorder prices:

  • 3xLP & Digital: €23 + shipping
  • CD & Digital: €14 + shipping
  • CD: €8 + shipping
  • Digital: €10

Regardless of format, preorders include immediate lossless download of the two leaked tracks and the subsequent lossless download of the full digital package.

Preorder here

Immerse: New Periskop full-length on Kabalion Records

Periskop - Immerse digital front kabalion records

Announcing the release of a new Periskop full-length. Immerse will be released soon on Kabalion Records, which is a recent offshot of Hypnus Records. Immerse will be released on 3×12″ vinyls, a 78 minute continuous mix CD and digitally.

This full-length will feature deep pulsating dark ambient tracks by Danny Kreutzfeldt from 2000-2008. It has been mastered by Mattias Fridell.

Listen to a track from the release here:

Immerse has already been featured on recent Resident Advisory charts of Giorgio Gigli at #1 and of Takaaki Itooh at #9.

Preliminary release date is set to the beginning of June. More info to come.

Music video by Tarfilm

A new Periskop music video has been launched on YouTube. It is for the track “1 A. I (with Danish National Symphony Orchestra)” from the Periskop 40 LP.

It is made by the Copenhagen-based music video company Tarfilm, which has been going through countless hours of video archive material on to gather fitting source material for the video.

The source material has then been cut into small clips, digitally improved and then pieced together in a visual composition fitting closely with the track. Tarfilm describes their thoughts behind the video like this: From the onset we decided to avoid incorporating a storyline as such, while still evoking tension and creating dramatic highlights, thereby keeping the emphasis on the music and try to contribute to its atmosphere through a flow of visual aesthetics and themes.


Tarfilm is Jesper Roland and Kasper Møller Jensen, whom I both know from Aarhus University, where they got a degree in Film & Media. They have followed my music work closely, so when they recently moved to Copenhagen and set up a music video company, they were an obvious choice for the task of visually representing Periskop.


Very little communication between us was needed during the production of the video, and yet the result is completely satisfactory. In my opinion they have made a perfectly fitting visualization of the drama of the track while keeping very close to the core of the visual Periskop aesthetics.

Submarine uboat

No doubt this video works on a visceral level, and in this sense neatly contrasts the digital analysis-based Motorsaw video for 1 A. V (with Emil Brahe), which was released in February 2013.

More still photos from the Tarfilm video in the gallery.

black & white ocean

Complete list of source material used:

Radar Secrets –

Home Movie: 11068: Winter and Spring Waterfront –

Cameraman Risks Life To Film ‘Sub’ In Striking Speed Tests, 1933/10/18 –

1942-09-xx – Descheg-Monatsschau Nr. 07 (old) –

A-Sub Epic. Nautilus Pioneers North Pole Seaway, 1958/08/11 –

At Sea, 1959/04/13 –

Discovery of Antarctica –

ZWEITER WELTKRIEG: Entscheidende Schlachten im Pazifik –









Manhattan Waterfront –

Miracle on the Delaware –

Submarine and Submarine Models Above Surface –

History of the Submarine –

U-67 –

Venice of the North –