Thrust: Forthcoming Periskop EP on Kabalion Records

Periskop Thrust Vinyl labels kabalion Records

Last month North was released on Kabalion Records.

Thrust will be another four track EP on Kabalion Records. It features dark pounding and heavily textured techno and will be out soon on vinyl and digital.

The tracks were originally produced in consecutive studio sessions 10 years ago in Fall 2006 with each track being a rework of the previous one. They share the same tempo of 140 beats per minute and utilize a short baseline loop sampled with static from an old record.

All four tracks have been revisited for this release and minor adjustments were made to production and/or composition compared to the 2006 originals. Thrust is mastered for vinyl and digital consumption by Mattias Fridell.

The vinyl is pressed for 45 RPM playback, but may also be enjoyable at 33 RPM. Two of the four tracks have been made available for listening prior to the release.

The expected release date is October 1st and Thrust is up for pre-order directly from Kabalion Records and various vinyl outlets like decks, and LoFi.

North: Forthcoming Periskop EP on Kabalion Records

Periskop North Kabalion Records Swedish Forest vinyl

A new Periskop vinyl EP is forthcoming on Swedish techno label Kabalion Records. The title is North and it features four dark atmospheric techno tracks (North I – IV) ranging between 100 and 120 BPM.

The tracks are older solo productions from 2004-2008 picked by Kabalion Records from the Periskop archives, and two of them have been slightly reworked in late 2015 for the release of this EP. All tracks are mastered for vinyl and digital consumption by Mattias Fridell.

A positive review/article has already been published by JunoPlus. Two of the four tracks have been made available for listening prior to the release.

The expected release date is August 18th and North is up for pre-order directly from Kabalion Records and various vinyl outlets like decks, and Juno.

Periskop North A side center label

This is the second Periskop outing on Kabalion Records after the successful release of the 2015 album Immerse.

DJ set for Tripalium and a few thoughts on DJing

1943 USS Abbot Periskop Tripalium acid techno ship dock wharf

Earlier this month a Periskop DJ set was made public through the Tripalium podcast. The set features dark ambient, deep techno and bleak acid techno tracks from 1993-2016. I have tried to make an interesting and hypnotic mix of old and new tracks, that share the same depressive/narcotic sound and heavy/ritual beats. The set also features a track from a still disclosed forthcoming Periskop EP.

Tripalium is a French organization located in Paris dealing with techno, noise and acid. Apart from the podcast, they operate several labels and organize monthly raves. With the maxim Echoes from Modern Slavery. Resonances from Industrial Warfare; I was unable to turn down the opportunity to provide a contribution to Tripalium.


Desiderii Marginis – Deadbeat II (Cold Meat Industry 2001)
Aeoga – Temple Treye (Aural Hypnox 2014)
Herbst9 vs. Z’ev – Through Bleak Landscapes (Loki 2007)
Periskop – (2016)
Plastikman – Smak (Novamute 1993)
Drvg Cvltvre – James Franco’s House (Perc Trax 2014)
Orphx – Dead Zone (Hands 2011)
Pan Sonic – Lähetys (Blast First 2007)
Eric Holm – Åse (Subtext 2014)
Lussuria – Mondo Narcotico (Hospital 2012)
Shifted – Out Of Tune (Mote-Evolver 2012)
Oscar Mulero – Transversal (Modularz 2013)
Abdulla Rashim – Red Pool (Northern Electronics 2015)
Ntogn – Ba’al (Tome 2016)
Yuji Kondo – Something For Those Who Wait (Perc Trax 2014)
Emmanuel Top – Radio (Attack 1995)
Ancient Methods – Knights & Bishops (Ancient Methods 2013)
Speedy J – Patterns ’97 Remix (Novamute 1997)

A few thoughts on DJ’ing

DJ setup Danny Kreutzfeldt Periskop Skovgilde 2015

I still enjoy putting different pieces of music together to form a new whole that goes on for an extended length of time. That is why I have DJ’ed since the late 90’s and still once in a while make a public DJ performance.

However, since I rarely attend any electronic music event or “party”, I have very little to add to the ongoing discussions about DJ tools or DJ’ing as an art form over DJ’ing as a business model for EDM celebrities. I have no opinion on what other DJs do, and can only offer an explanation of why I do what I do as a DJ.

This Saturday I am playing a vinyl set at Copenhell 2016 and over the years I have DJ’ed at numerous underground concerts in my home town. This normally happens under another name than Periskop and with various doom/black metal and acoustic/ritual/industrial music LPs from my vinyl collection. I like the tactile nature of DJ’ing vinyl and benefit from having to select tracks during the set from a limited amount of records, that I know very well.

Occasionally I also DJ as Periskop, which is still a vinyl set, but naturally with emphasis on electronic music. However, the possibility to do DJ sets for podcasts has recently led me to see the benefits of doing arranged DJ sets in an audio editor as opposed to submitting more or less treated recordings of performed vinyl sets:

– Much bigger range of tracks/sounds to choose from.
– Three or more tracks/sounds at the same time.
– No need for a working studio with two turntables.
– No need to do the whole thing in one go and can be done just with headphones.
– Possibility with my limited skills to do longer and tighter beat mixes.
– Fine tune details to make complex and abstract intersections work seamlessly.

So just like the 2015 Periskop podcast for The Forgotten/Awareness, the DJ set for Tripalium mentioned above was made using the basic freeware audio editor Audacity.

Periskop Danny Kreutzfeldt DJ Skovgilde 2015

Last Summer I DJ’ed as Periskop at Skovgilde 2015. An annual genre-unspecific two-day event in a barn out in the woods somewhere near Mols Bjerge National Park on the Jutland peninsula. I played for five hours late night til morning on a rudimentary set up (also pictured above) and for a part of the set I mixed material exclusively from the Periskop vinyl releases. As far as a Periskop live act goes, this is it.

I have also previously writen a few words about my DJ appearance as Periskop at the 2012 harbour warehouse rave in Aalborg.

I recently dug out this home recorded DJ mix from 2003. I was rather active performing live and DJ’ing in that period and this mix documents the style I was playing. It features deep sound experimentation from around the millennial turn. Dark drones, deep pulses, tender glitch, soaring noise and an unsettling landing in a strange blues. It also features an early unreleased dark ambient production of mine, and if I had operated under the Periskop guise back then, this mix would have fitted in there nicely.

Track on Lyd Kunst Arkivet. A Danish sound art compilation.

‘Aarhus VIII’ is a short abrasive 1000 BPM speedcore track, which is made with 16/16 drum pattern programming and various harshnoise techniques as textural, rhythmic and compositional elements. It is the eighth track on the album Aarhus, which is album 39 of 40 available for streaming and free download on Periskop – 40.

It is now also a track on the Danish 2xCD compilation Lyd Kunst Arkivet, which was released by an organization called Monoblaster as part of the LAK Nordic sound art festival in Copenhagen. Lyd Kunst Arkivet does not appear to be on sale anywhere since the release at the festival.

monoblaster lyd kunst arkivet opsamling cd compilation 2013

The compilation is a collection of works by contemporary Danish sound artists. I do not identify with the term “sound artist” as I don’t think my sound works are anything else than music works.

The term “sound art” does however seem to be conveniently associated with any kind of sound work, which escapes description within conventional music categories, styles and genres. In this sense; the question “What is sound art?” can always only be answered by pointing to particular examples of sound art. I guess this is what the compilation is trying to do.

Lyd kunst artkivet monoblaster cd compilation 2013. lydkunstere

The artists contributing on the compilation are:

Band Ane
Camilla Bachiry
Sanne Borchersen
Sandra Boss
Anders Børup
CEO Bend-O-Rama
Ellehammer Dasseville
Maria Diekmann
Niels Christian Eriksen
Andreas Führer
Felia Gram-Hansen
Lars Lundehave Hansen
Claus Haxholm
Alexander Holm
Home Surgery
Jeppe Højgaard
Martin Klapper
Konrad Korabiewski
Lucky Ringston
Ragnhild May
Michael Falch & Sir Toby
Mads Emil Nielsen
Susanne Højbjerg Nielsen
Jonas Olesen
Nikolaj Phillipsen
Kristoffer Raasted
Loke Rahbek
Robert Cole Rizzi
Emil Rothenborg
Søs Gunver Ryberg
Tanja Schlander
Bastian Sikker
Jørgen Teller
Kasper Vang
Vsion Hairies