Some images related to the Periskop music project: Documentation, promo shots, music videos, artwork, and various photography.


Periskop & the S329 submarine

Periskop producer Danny Kreutzfeldt in the S329 submarine at Aalborg Maritime Museum. Photography and editting by Sune Petersen, October 2010.

Video by Emil Brahe for Periskop – Immerse (Component XII)

Music video by Danish video producer Emil Brahe for the last track on the 2015 Periskop full-length Immerse. Read more about the music video here.

Periskop Immerse vinyls & cds
Immerse is a full-length by Periskop released July 2015 on 3xLP, continuous mix CD and digitally by Kabalion Records. Photos by Kabalion Records and Periskop. Read more, listen and order Immerse here.

Video by Tarfilm for Periskop – 1 A. I (with Danish National Symphony Orchestra)

Music video by Tarfilm for the first track on the 2013 Periskop LP album from 40. Read more about the music video here.

Periskop 40 Danish Release Tour

Documentation of the Danish DIY release tour for Periskop – 40. Each evening had a presentation/talk, listening session, concert by a local live act/band, a DJ and some dark fitting alchohol in the bar. May 22nd 2013 in Copenhagen at PB43 organized with ROI. May 23rd in Aarhus at Trøjborg Beboerhus. May 24th in Aalborg at Platform4. Read more about the tour here.

Video by Motorsaw for Periskop – 1 A. V (with Emil Brahe)

Music video for Periskop – 1 A. V (with Emil Brahe) on the 2013 Periskop LP album from 40. The video was made by Motorsaw/Sune Petersen in February 2013 by generating a dynamic texture with a custom setup in VVVV. Read more about the music video here.

Periskop 40 production photos

The production of Periskop 40: Recording vocals with Emil Brahe of SOL, Sofie Nielsen of Tone, LP mastering at ET Mastering and some random manufacturing photos. 2007-2012 web design

Screenshots of the Periskop website developing from 2007 till 2012 and 5 photos of the five ongoing releases it distributed. From 2007 till 2012 the Periskop project was operated under different circumstances on an ever evolving web platform. New content was added on a regular basis for no other reason than the satisfaction of the music worker, and under no other limitations than the aesthetics and rules of the project. Read about the Periskop website 2007-2012 here.

Explore the Periskop music work here.

June 25, 2013