Periskop 40 LP front album cover

Periskop – LP

LP is a part of Periskop – 40. A release containing forty full-length albums available as gatefold LP+USB and free mp3 download. This is album 1 of 40 with 10 tracks: 1 A. I – 1 B. V.

The LP album is industrial dub techno, click-doom, dark electronica and deep drone noise. It features material previously unreleased on a physical format, and is the result of +10 years of music work. It features contributions from the Danish National Symphony Orchestra performing Grieg, Tchaikovsky and Mahler. There are vocal contributions from Sofie Nielsen of the dark pop project Tone and from Emil Brahe of the doom metal band SOL.

Submarine dub | Industrial electronica | Click-doom | Submarine noise | Industrial dub techno | Drone ambient | Ecstatic techno | Dark pop | Ambient electronica | Hard arctic bass | Submarine ambient | Black noise

All tracks conceived and produced by Danny Kreutzfeldt.

• 1 A. I with Danish National Symphony Orchestra (E. Grieg – Piano Concerto).
• 1 A. II with Danish National Symphony Orchestra (P. I. Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 5).
• 1 A. IV extract of Blackout 4. VIII.
• 1 A. V vocals by Emil Brahe. Reworked version of 15-7 on 2009.
• 1 B. I with Danish National Symphony Orchestra (G. Mahler – Symphony No. 2).
• 1 B. II vocals by Sofie Nielsen. Edited version of 15-4 on 2008.
• 1 B. III extract of Blackout 2. VI.
• 1 B. V edited version of 80/60-17 on 2010.
• Mastered by ET Mastering.
• Cover photo by Sune Petersen.

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Periskop – 40

Periskop 40 LP and USB released on Uhlarut Records 2013

Periskop – 40 is a release containing forty full-length albums. 1 album on vinyl LP and 39 albums as bonus material on USB. It is solo music work of Danny Kreutzfeldt from 1999-2012, and is the longest release in the history of Danish music.

Released May 2013 by Uhrlaut Records and on a special gatefold vinyl+USB format. 160g vinyl LP, 2 inner sleeves, 4-page inlay, protective envelope with 4GB USB-card holding all 40 albums as 224kbps MP3.

All forty albums are also available for streaming and as a free 3.1GB mp3 download.

18 € + shipping
Order handled by Uhrlaut Records.

July 22, 2016