Periskop – Blackout 2

BLACKOUT 2 is a part of Periskop 40. A release containing forty full-length albums. Available as LP+USB or as free download.

This is album 15 of 40.

7 tracks: BLACKOUT 2. I – BLACKOUT 2. VII


Styles: Dark ambient | Drone noise | Submarine ambient

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All tracks conceived and produced by Danny Kreutzfeldt.

• Blackout 2. I previously released as “Danny Kreutzfeldt – Crust” on Closelands by Practising Nature Records 2006.
• Blackout 2. II previously released as “Danny Kreutzfeldt – Moor (Beneath Crumbling Sprawls)” on Numberground by Practising Nature Records 2007.

• Cover photo by Malcolm Browne.

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Periskop 40 is also out as a physical edition on a special gatefold vinyl+usb format featuring 1 album on vinyl LP and 39 albums as bonus material on USB. More info here.