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Periskop – Immerse

Deep pulsating dark ambient by Periskop released July 16th 2015 on Kabalion Records, which is a recent off shot of Hypnus Records and located in Sweden. Immerse is out as 3xLP vinyl, continuous mix CD and digital. The vinyl and CD versions are distributed world wide by Triple Vision.

Immerse contains material conceived and produced by the Danish electronic music producer Periskop between 2000-2008. It was made with inspiration from the subtle deep repetitive pulsations of the early dub techno scene and the dark ritual emotional/cathartic approach of the industrial soundscape movement of the 80s and 90s.

Some of the sounds are field recordings and vocals/voices/breathing and some of them are synths and sampled drum machines. The lines between these the two types of sources have been tried blurred in an attempt to avoid too many references to existing music or phenomena from normal human experiences.

The material for Immerse has been selected by Hypnus/Kabalion, mastered by Mattias Fridell and subsequently adapted and rearranged by Periskop to fit the various formats.

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Periskop Immerse CD triple LP vinyl

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Immerse is available in these formats and prices at Kabalion Records:
Digital: €10
CD: €8 + shipping
CD & Digital: €14 + shipping
3xLP & Digital: €23 + shipping
3xLP & CD & Digital: €30 + shipping

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Periskop Immerse triple LP

Periskop is a music project by Danny Kreutzfeldt

Periskop is a solo music project by Danish electronic music producer Danny Kreutzfeldt.
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July 28, 2015