Periskop North Vinyl EP on Kabalion Records 2016

Periskop – North

Deep dark ambient techno by Periskop on a four-track EP released by Kabalion Records, August 18th 2016. North is distributed world wide by Triple Vision and is out as 180g vinyl and digitally.

The tracks are older solo productions from 2004-2008 picked by Kabalion Records from the Periskop archives, and two of them have been slightly reworked in late 2015 for the release of this EP. All tracks are mastered by Mattias Fridell.

Periskop North arctic north pole submarine

North is available in these formats and prices at Kabalion Records:
Digital: €5
Vinyl: €9 + shipping

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Periskop North Kabalion Records Swedish Forest vinyl

Periskop is a solo music project by Danish electronic music producer Danny Kreutzfeldt.
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August 18, 2016