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Periskop – Thrust

Deep and gritty pounding techno on a four-track EP released by Kabalion Records, October 1st 2016. Thrust is distributed world wide by Triple Vision and is out as 180g vinyl and digitally. All tracks are mastered by Mattias Fridell and the EP plays at 45 RPM.

The four tracks were originally made in consecutive studio sessions in Fall 2006, with one track being a remix of the previous one. A gritty textured sound from sampling an old record is used as bass line through out all tracks and the tempo is maintained at a steady 140 BPM.

These 10 year old tracks were produced with the intention to be played at raves, but there was not much of a techno scene back then to pick up and distribute this type of work from an unknown producer. The tracks have had a quiet existence for a decade now with some modest digital distribution going on thanks to the netlabel scene and file sharing.

For the release of this EP, all four tracks were slightly altered from the 2006 originals by Periskop before the mastering began. Some tracks were shortened to fit the vinyl EP format. Some tracks have extra layers added and all tracks have had adjustments to specific layers (including two instances of discrete rhythm pattern reprogramming) to translate better into vinyl and for optimum results on a large sound system.

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Thrust is available in these formats and prices at Kabalion Records:
Digital: €5
Vinyl: €9 + shipping

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Periskop Thrust vinyl ep on Kabalion Records

Periskop is a solo music project by Danish electronic music producer Danny Kreutzfeldt.
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October 4, 2016