Periskop set on The Memoir with unreleased solo and collaboration work

Gustave Dore shipwreck corsaire

After several podcasts with Periskop DJ sets over the last few years, I decided it was time to make a set just with my own material. As I don’t do live PA’s, I did not have an existing Periskop live set to adapt, and could think everything from scratch for this podcast appearance.

The set is podcasted as the fifth episode of Swedish podcast series The Memoir, which “is a place where talented electronic music producers are invited to make a recording consisting entirely of their own creations. A memoir.” It is operated by Hypnus Records, that is also responsible for the sibling deep techno label Kabalion Records. The latter has been the main outlet for Periskop releases these last few years.

Periskop Old Laptop Fruity Loops

In 2015, I dug out my old Windows 2000 (beta) music making laptop again to fix some tracks for the 2015-2016 releases. It has stayed operational since then, and I have worked on it a handful of times during 2016-2017 to make various dark ambient and deep techno tracks. Some of these unreleased efforts are featured in this set (tracklist below), and count remakes of old tracks and further work on old sketches.

The set also features some of my collaboration work – old and new. The two Periskop & Kiloton tracks are from a large body of work made in the mid-00s with the talented but sadly nonprolific Kiloton project. His only album to date is the 2010 LP Language Lost on Uhrlaut Records. The last part of the set is a track from the Danish doom metal band SOL, with which I am currently affiliated. The track is from recent recording sessions following our release of The Storm Bells Chime on Avantgarde, 2016.


01. Periskop & Kiloton – 20050307
02. Periskop – Immerse (Component IX) [Kabalion Records]
03. Periskop – Untitled
04. Periskop – Untitled
05. Periskop – Untitled
06. Periskop – North IV [Kabalion Records]
07. Periskop – Untitled
08. Periskop – North III [Kabalion Records]
09. Periskop & Kiloton – 20050426
10. SOL – Untitled (Instrumental version)

Periskop set on The Memoir podcast Gustave Doré

The artwork for the podcast is in line with the rest of The Memoir series, and features an illustration by Gustvare Doré, 1856.

Previous Periskop sets currently online:

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Music video by Emil Brahe for Immerse (Component XII)

An official music video has been made for a track on the Periskop full-length Immerse, which was released on Kabalion Records in June 2015.

The music video was made by Danish video producer, musician and illustrator Emil Brahe and uploaded on YouTube in August 2015. The music video consists of more or less abstract scenes and cuts from various old black and white documentaries from the public domain with industrial, technical or oceanic themes.

Periskop Immerse music video by Emil Brahe

Each scene and cut has been carefully selected to convey the mood, ebbs and flows of the bleak drone track, which is the closing track on Immerse. The track it self is heavily textured by field recordings from harbour settings and other out door soundscapes.

Periskop Immerse music video by Emil Brahe

The source material was only available in a slightly poor digital resolution. The pixelation has been more or less blurred out by Brahe, who used an old VHS-C video camcorder to record a computer screen showing the old documentaries. Of course this re-analogizing of the material is slightly ironic as the end result is re-digitized for upload to YouTube. Maybe in a not too distant future the music video format will see a material revival in some of the old analogue video formats.

Periskop Immerse music video by Emil Brahe

This 2015 Periskop music video is similar to the 2013 Periskop music video for Periskop – 1. I (with Danish National Symphony Orchestra). This was made by Danish music video production enterprise Tarfilm, who also used old archive videos but with a smaller degree of abstraction and strong emphasis on submarine themes.

Watch and read about the Tarfilm music video for Periskop here.

Periskop Immerse music video by Emil Brahe

Emil Brahe & Danny Kreutzfeldt Periskop SOL collaborations Aarhus

This 2015 music video for Periskop by Emil Brahe is one in an amount of collaborations between Emil Brahe (pictured left above) and I during the last couple of years:

Periskop Immerse music video by Emil Brahe

Periskop Immerse music video by Emil Brahe

If you haven’t already – watch Emil Brahe’s Periskop – Immerse (Component XII) music video here or listen to the rest of Immerse here.