Two-hour ambient DJ set by Periskop on Deep Electronics

Periskop Ambient Session for Deep Electronics. Photo by Jeroen Smulders

Earlier this month, a two-hour DJ set was podcasted as Ambient Session #34 by the Dutch label and podcast enterprise Deep Electronics. The set was recorded for the purpose, and made in May-June 2017 through several re-iterations after an initial all-night session. The mix contains interwoven soundscapes from 1994-2017 (scroll down for tracklist). Of the…


82 mins 33 secs of shattered dub

The four most recent 80_60 tracks have been crushed and shattered into a polyrhythmic postindustrial mess for your downloading pleasure. These shattered tracks are forged in automated processes and thus partially the result of random events. Nevertheless, both the 19th and 20th edition of this series turned out to be some of the best yet. periskop-shatter[80_60-17]-1918-040810-45276.mp3…