Periskop set on The Memoir with unreleased solo and collaboration work

Gustave Dore Shipwreck 800 px jpg

After several podcasts with Periskop DJ sets over the last few years, I decided it was time to make a set just with my own material. As I don’t do live PA’s, I did not have an existing Periskop live set to adapt, and could think everything from scratch for this podcast appearance. The set…

Album update

Immerse: New Periskop full-length on Kabalion Records

Announcing the release of a new Periskop full-length. Immerse will be released soon on Kabalion Records, which is a recent offshot of Hypnus Records. Immerse will be released on 3×12″ vinyls, a 78 minute continuous mix CD and digitally. This full-length will feature deep pulsating dark ambient tracks by Danny Kreutzfeldt from 2000-2008. It has…