Music video by Tarfilm

A new Periskop music video has been launched on YouTube. It is for the track “1 A. I (with Danish National Symphony Orchestra)” from the Periskop 40 LP.

It is made by the Copenhagen-based music video company Tarfilm, which has been going through countless hours of video archive material on to gather fitting source material for the video.

The source material has then been cut into small clips, digitally improved and then pieced together in a visual composition fitting closely with the track. Tarfilm describes their thoughts behind the video like this: From the onset we decided to avoid incorporating a storyline as such, while still evoking tension and creating dramatic highlights, thereby keeping the emphasis on the music and try to contribute to its atmosphere through a flow of visual aesthetics and themes.


Tarfilm is Jesper Roland and Kasper Møller Jensen, whom I both know from Aarhus University, where they got a degree in Film & Media. They have followed my music work closely, so when they recently moved to Copenhagen and set up a music video company, they were an obvious choice for the task of visually representing Periskop.


Very little communication between us was needed during the production of the video, and yet the result is completely satisfactory. In my opinion they have made a perfectly fitting visualization of the drama of the track while keeping very close to the core of the visual Periskop aesthetics.

Submarine uboat

No doubt this video works on a visceral level, and in this sense neatly contrasts the digital analysis-based Motorsaw video for 1 A. V (with Emil Brahe), which was released in February 2013.

More still photos from the Tarfilm video in the gallery.

black & white ocean

Complete list of source material used:

Radar Secrets –

Home Movie: 11068: Winter and Spring Waterfront –

Cameraman Risks Life To Film ‘Sub’ In Striking Speed Tests, 1933/10/18 –

1942-09-xx – Descheg-Monatsschau Nr. 07 (old) –

A-Sub Epic. Nautilus Pioneers North Pole Seaway, 1958/08/11 –

At Sea, 1959/04/13 –

Discovery of Antarctica –

ZWEITER WELTKRIEG: Entscheidende Schlachten im Pazifik –









Manhattan Waterfront –

Miracle on the Delaware –

Submarine and Submarine Models Above Surface –

History of the Submarine –

U-67 –

Venice of the North –


3 tracks from the LP. Release date is May 25th.

40 is the title of the forthcoming Periskop release on Uhrlaut Records. It will be a forty-times full length album release on a special gatefold LP+USB-key format. One album on LP and 39 albums as bonus material on USB. The entire release will also be available from as free download.

With more than 30 hours of music, this will be the longest music release in the history of Danish music. More details about the release here.

40 will be released on May 25th.

Periskop 40 Industrial dub techno and oceanic click-doom

We are currently working on setting up some Danish release events. More info about this soon.

In the mean time, here are 3 tracks from the LP:

Periskop – 1 A. III – Industrial dub techno

Periskop – 1 B. I (with Danish National Symphony Orchestra)

Periskop – 1 A. V (with Emil Brahe) – Read more about the music video or the work with Emil Brahe.

Throughout the coming month, we will post tracks from the USB bonus material. Stay connected for this on Facebook, Twitter or SoundCloud.

Album update 7: Music video by Motorsaw

Periskop – 1 A. V (with Emil Brahe) from Motorsaw

This is the first track from the forthcoming Periskop LP/USB album “40”. More about the album here.

Periskop – 1 A. V (with Emil Brahe) is a 20 BPM click-doom track from the LP, featuring Emil Brahe of the doom metal band SOL on vocals. The collaboration with Emil Brahe is described here.

The video was made by Motorsaw, which is a moniker used by multi-artist Sune Petersen for his visual work. He has worked with digital visualisation of electronic music for more than 15 years. Both as a performing VJ and as music video producer.

Motorsaw Sune Petersen

His approach to music videos is often based on creating the most aesthetically satisfying representation of the music out of abstract digital noise. This was also the case for his video for “1 A. V (with Emil Brahe)”, which was created by feeding the audio into a setup in the VVVV video synthesis software.

Sune describes the process like this: The video was created using VVVV by making an FFT analysis and rendering all 1024 bins as a dynamic texture buffering 2048 frames at 30FPS into a 2D texture UV mapped onto a circle in such a way that each new frame pushes the next over thus creating the circular motion.

periskop live at 1000fryd 2007 conceptual laptop concert. photo by lolitanie

Periskop live on empty stage. 1000Fryd, Aalborg, 2007. Photo by Lolitanie

Motorsaw was affiliated as VJ when I were doing conceptual live PAs with Periskop in 2007-2008. Over the years I have worked with Sune Petersen in many other contexts, including Søvnig Mandag, Displayground Festival, Aabtek as well as Uhrlaut, which is the label with which I am releasing “40”.

DJ at a Tekknosumpen warehouse rave

On September 29th Periskop made a public appearance as a DJ. A vinyl-only set was performed as part of the Tekknosumpen DJ-crew at a harbor-side rave in Aalborg, Denmark.

Periskop, Danny Kreutzfeldt, DJ

The rave took place in the old harbor-side warehouse, which had been housing the open culture initiative Platform4. The old factories and warehouses at Aalborg Harbor are currently being demolished because of city re-planning. The rave was organized by Platform4 to commemorate the old warehouse before moving to a new location.

Aalborg havn, harbour

With more than 400 ravers attending, no police raid and all 7 DJs performing up to form, it’s safe to call the night a succes. The following DJs performed at the warehouse rave: Bo V, Curse, Deadbone, Jens M., Nate Dawg, Periskop & Vilde V, as well as VJ Motorsaw.

Tekknosumpen is a long-running Aalborg-based DJ-crew with origins back in the early 90s Danish rave scene. The style has always been detroit techno, acid and hard minimal techno played on turntables, with time for an ambient and dub techno warm-up – and plenty of beer. My affiliation with Tekknosumpen goes back to my first ever live appearance on 1000Fryd in 2002 as “Danny Kreutzfeldt”.

Thanks to BrknRib for the deck-side photo above.

More info, photos and videos from the rave in this Platform4 article.

Hattlerized Motorsaw

From this years International Short Film Festival in Detmold, Germany.

Above clip is a teaser from the 45-minute audiovisual live performance. Visuals by Max Hattler and Motorsaw. Music is a live improvised remix by Schmid featuring the Uhrlaut back catalogue as well some intense sampling of the recent 130 release by Periskop.

Schmid explains: “I cut some loops from different tracks into tiny bits and resequenced them live and improvised. A little dangerous but more fun. For the most part I was resequencing bits from 2 or 3 tracks from different artists at the same time.”