Periskop DJ set on the Inveins podcast

Periskop Inveins Artwork by Horty Shooter

Another Periskop DJ set has been podcasted. This time as the 16th episode on Inveins. It is a 1 hour mix of deep techno and dense atmospheres from 1996-2016 with emphasis on darker sounds and immersive aspects from drones and repetitive beats. I tried to use tracks from the entire period, but the majority of tracks that fitted together turned out to be from the late 90s and the last few years. The set also features a track from the recent Periskop – North EP. Scroll down to see the track list.

Inveins is an Italian podcast started in July 2015, but has already released 16 episodes – many of them worth a listen. The podcast artwork was selected by Inveins and made by photographic artist Horty Shooter.


Arktau Eos – Stillatory of Umbræ (Aural Hypnox 2009)
Porter Ricks – Biokinetics 2 (Chain Reaction 1996)
Thomas P. Heckmann – 05:08:72 (Mille Plateaux 1999)
Plaster – Tangle (Stroboscopic Artifacts 2013)
Wychdoktor – Empires Fall (Amnion Remix) (No label 2015)
Plastikman – Converge (NovaMute 1998)
Stewart Walker – Cocoa (Force Inc 1999)
Abdulla Rashim & Axel Hallqvist ‎- Mark (Claudio PRC Remix) (Semantica 2015)
Periskop – North IV (Kabalion 2016)
Flint Glass – Heliotrop (Brume 2002)
Surgeon – Shaper of the Unknown (Downwards 2001)
Ntogn – They Soar Through Flames (Tome 2016)
Gas – Zauberberg 5 (Mille Plateaux 1997)
Function / Vatican Shadow – The Nemesis Flower (Hospital 2014)
Urfaust – Apparitions (Ván 2015)

Previous Periskop DJ sets

For those interested in my approach to mixing and performing as a DJ, I have written a few words here. Other DJ sets currently available online:

Tripalium Podcast 34 (Dark ambient, deep techno and bleak acid techno tracks from 1993-2016)

Awareness VIII (Industrial ambient and drone ambient from the late 90s and early 00s)

Sunday Night Wrongness (Home recorded mix from 2003)

Periskop – 40 out now as vinyl+usb and free download.

Back from the busy tour on which the Periskop release 40 was presented in three Danish cities. More on this later. Now it’s time to present the release to the greater public.

Periskop 40 is an album, that should be conceived as the best I can do within the confines of the traditional full length music format. But it is also +10 years of music work turned into 32 hours 20 mins 04 secs of industrial dub techno, oceanic click-doom and more adventurous sounds.

It is out as forty full-length albums on a special gatefold vinyl LP+USB format. 1 album on vinyl and 39 albums as bonus material on USB.

It is also available in it’s entirety as a free 3.1GB mp3 download.

Listen, download and order Periskop 40 here.

0 - overview_600

1 - gatefold front_600

2 - gatefold inside_600

3 - innersleeves_600

4 - content overview_600

5 - vinyl a center_600

6 - vinyl b center_600

7 - usb front opened_600

8 - usb back_600

3 tracks from the LP. Release date is May 25th.

40 is the title of the forthcoming Periskop release on Uhrlaut Records. It will be a forty-times full length album release on a special gatefold LP+USB-key format. One album on LP and 39 albums as bonus material on USB. The entire release will also be available from as free download.

With more than 30 hours of music, this will be the longest music release in the history of Danish music. More details about the release here.

40 will be released on May 25th.

Periskop 40 Industrial dub techno and oceanic click-doom

We are currently working on setting up some Danish release events. More info about this soon.

In the mean time, here are 3 tracks from the LP:

Periskop – 1 A. III – Industrial dub techno

Periskop – 1 B. I (with Danish National Symphony Orchestra)

Periskop – 1 A. V (with Emil Brahe) – Read more about the music video or the work with Emil Brahe.

Throughout the coming month, we will post tracks from the USB bonus material. Stay connected for this on Facebook, Twitter or SoundCloud.